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We Mostly Come Out at NightWhere Wolves Don't Die by Anton TreuerThe Deep Dark by Molly Knox OstertagAn Outbreak of Witchcraft by Deborah Noyes

Here are the new additions to the Young Adult collection in July 2024.


YA 808.83 W We mostly come out at night : 15 queer tales of monsters, angels & other creatures Costello, Rob



YA BIO OGLE Punching bag Ogle, Rex



YA 741.5 A Fullmetal alchemist. Volumes 25-26-27 Arakawa, Hiromu
YA 741.5 G Ghost roast Gibbs, Shawneé
YA 741.5 G Young hag and the witches quest Greenberg, Isabel
YA 741.5 H Hotelitor : luxury-class defense and hospitality unit Hicks, Josh
YA 741.5 M Maelstrom : a prince of evil Merriman, Lorian
YA 741.5 N An outbreak of witchcraft : a graphic novel of the Salem witch trials Noyes, Deborah
YA 741.5 O The deep dark Ostertag, Molly Knox
YA 741.5 P Tristan and Lancelot : a tale of two knights Persichetti, James
YA 741.5 S Lore Olympus. Volume 6 Smythe, Rachel
YA 741.5 S Karate prom Starks, Kyle
YA 741.5 T Something is killing the children. Volume 5 Tynion, James
YA 741.5 T Something is killing the children. Volume 7 Tynion, James
YA 741.5 V Creepy cat. 1 Cotton Valent
YA 741.5 V Creepy cat. Vol. 2 Cotton Valent
YA 741.5 X Punk rock karaoke Xunise, Bianca



YA ABIKE-IYIMIDE Four Eids and a funeral Abike-Iyimide, Faridah
YA CASHORE There is a door in this darkness Cashore, Kristin
YA FOLLMUTH Twelfth knight Follmuth, Alexene Farol
YA GARRISON Six more months of June Garrison, Daisy
YA HE Perfect little monsters He, Cindy R. X.
YA HUBBARD The last boyfriends rules for revenge Hubbard, Matthew
YA IGHARO With Love, Miss Americanah Igharo, Jane
YA LU Icon and inferno Lu, Marie
YA MATHER The breakup artists Mather, Adriana
YA McBRIDE We are all so good at smiling McBride, Amber
YA McCAULEY Bad graces McCauley, Kyrie
YA McLEMORE Flawless girls McLemore, Anna-Marie
YA MORANI The djinn’s apple Morani, Djamila
YA MORRIS Annie LeBlanc is not dead yet Morris, Molly
YA PACTON Furious Pacton, Jamie
YA SHARMA The letters we keep Sharma, Nisha
YA TREUER Where wolves don’t die Treuer, Anton
YA WIBBERLEY Heiress takes all Wibberley, Emily
YA WILLIAMS That self-same metal Williams, Brittany N.
YA WOODFOLK Louder than words Woodfolk, Ashley