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  You Are Here: poetry in the natural world, edited and introduced by Ada Limón (811.6 Y)    Just for the Summer by Abby Jimenez (F JIMENEZ)    The Murder of Mr Ma by John Shen Yen Nee and SJ Rozan (M NEE)    Someone You Can Build a Nest In by John Wiswell (SF WISWELL)

Here are the new additions to the Adult collection in June 2024.



028.9 P The secret lives of booksellers and librarians : true stories of the magic of reading Patterson, James
081 B What are people for? : essays Berry, Wendell
133.3 F Tea leaf reading. Fairchild, Dennis.
153.42 M The age of magical overthinking : notes on modern irrationality Montell, Amanda
303.64 Z Age of revolutions : progress and backlash from 1600 to the present Zakaria, Fareed
306.2 B The age of grievance Bruni, Frank
323.042 G We are the leaders we have been looking for Glaude, Eddie S.
331.1 N Slow productivity : the lost art of accomplishment without burnout Newport, Cal
342.7302 B Reading the Constitution : why I chose pragmatism, not textualism Breyer, Stephen G.
363.124 H Challenger : a true story of heroism and disaster on the edge of space Higginbotham, Adam
616.8589 H ADHD is awesome : a guide to (mostly) thriving with ADHD Holderness, Penn
641.5092 K Chop, fry, watch, learn : Fu Pei-Mei and the making of modern Chinese food King, Michelle Tien.
641.815 B Wild bread : flour + water + air : sourdough reinvented Butters, MaryJane
649.1 A Raising mentally strong kids : how to combine the power of neuroscience with love and logic to grow confident, kind, responsible, and resilient children and young adults Amen, Daniel G.
782.028 D Shakespeare : the man who pays the rent Dench, Judi
794.801 K How to raise a healthy gamer : end power struggles, break bad screen habits, and transform your relationship with your kids Kanojia, Alok
808.83 R The book Ruefle, Mary
811.5 F Robert Frost : sixteen poems to learn by heart Frost, Robert
811.6 A Mountain offerings:  poems Allen, Amy.
811.6 G The river won’t hold you Gottshall, Karin
811.6 J Stonechat:  poems Jacobsen, Mary Elder
811.6 K The unknown daughter Knoll, Tricia.
811.6 P Atomizer:  poems Powell, Elizabeth
811.6 S Musical figures Stockwell, Samn.
811.6 Y You are here : poetry in the natural world Limón, Ada



BIO DUBUS Ghost dogs : on killers and kin Dubus, Andre
BIO GAGNE Sociopath : a memoir Gagne, Patric
BIO GARDNER Chasing beauty : the life of Isabella Stewart Gardner Dykstra, Natalie
BIO GRINER Coming home Griner, Brittney
BIO KINGSTON Did I ever tell you? : a memoir Kingston, Genevieve
BIO McDONALD What a fool believes : a memoir McDonald, Michael
BIO WALLACE Another word for love : a memoir Wallace, Carvell



F AOYAMA What you are looking for is in the library : a novel Aoyama, Michiko
F CAMPBELL The waters : a novel Campbell, Bonnie Jo
F FAULKNER Snopes Faulkner, William
F FORTUNE This summer will be different Fortune, Carley
F GARCIA MARQUEZ Until August García Márquez, Gabriel
F GRISHAM Camino ghosts Grisham, John.
F HAYNES Stone blind : a novel Haynes, Natalie
F JIMENEZ Just for the summer Jimenez, Abby
F JIMENEZ Part of your world Jimenez, Abby
F JIMENEZ Yours truly Jimenez, Abby
F JOHNSON The house of Eve Johnson, Sadeqa
F JULY All fours July, Miranda
F KING You like it darker : stories King, Stephen
F KUBICA She’s not sorry Kubica, Mary
F MOGOLLON Oye : a novel Mogollon, Melissa
F MORA Amétrica del Norte Mora, Nicolás Medina
F NATT OCH DAGG The wolf and the watchman: 1793 Natt och Dag, Niklas
F NGUYEN You know what you did : a novel Nguyen, K. T.
F NWABINELI Allow me to introduce myself Nwabineli, Onyi
F O’CONNOR Whale fall O’Connor, Elizabeth
F PATTERSON The 24th hour Patterson, James
F POLEK Bitter Water Opera : a novel Polek, Nicolette
F REICHL The Paris novel Reichl, Ruth
F SCOTTOLINE The truth about the Devlins Scottoline, Lisa
F SUTHERLAND A sweet sting of salt : a novel Sutherland, Rose



M ALLEN Next of kin : a novel Allen, Samantha Jayne
M BOWEN In sunshine or in shadow Bowen, Rhys
M CLARK It had to be you Clark, Mary Higgins
M COBEN Think twice Coben, Harlan
M CONSTANTINE Another day’s pain : a Rocksburg novel Constantine, K. C.
M GREENWOOD Murder in Williamstown Greenwood, Kerry
M GRIFFITHS The last word Griffiths, Elly
M ILES Southern man : a novel Iles, Greg
M JOHNSON First frost Johnson, Craig
M NEE The murder of Mr. Ma Nee, John Shen Yen
M PARKER Robert B. Parker’s Revenge tour Lupica, Mike
M ROZAN The mayors of New York : a Bill Smith/Lydia Chin mystery Rozan, S. J.
M TURTON The last murder at the end of the world Turton, Stuart



SF CORLAND Five broken blades Corland, Mai
SF FFORDE Red side story Fforde, Jasper
SF HARVEY Orbital : a novel Harvey, Samantha
SF KINGFISHER What feasts at night Kingfisher, T.
SF NORTH In universes : a novel North, Emet
SF WISWELL Someone you can build a nest in Wiswell, John



LARGE PRINT F PATTERSON The #1 lawyer Patterson, James



CD F HANNAH The women : a novel Hannah, Kristin
CD M SIMON Mother-daughter murder night : a novel Simon, Nina



DVD SF DUN Dune. Part two Villeneuve, Denis
DVD TV SERIES HIS His dark materials. Season 3 [DVD videorecording] Gupta, Amit
DVD TV SERIES SOP The Sopranos – season 6, part two Chase, David
DVD TV SERIES SOP The Sopranos.  Bonus features Alavi, Souzan
DVD TV SERIES SOP The Sopranos. Complete third season Gandolfini, James
DVD TV SERIES SOP The Sopranos. Season 6, part one [videorecording] Chase, David
DVD TV SERIES SOP The Sopranos. The complete first season Landress, Ilese S.
DVD TV SERIES SOP The Sopranos. The complete second season Chase, David
DVD TV SERIES YEL 1883 [DVD videorecording] : a Yellowstone origin story Sheridan, Taylor
DVD TV SERIES YEL 1923, a Yellowstone origin story. Season 1 [DVD videorecording] Sheridan, Taylor



VERMONT 974.34 S Presence in the center:  a bicentennial history of the Old Meeting House Schmidt, Tom.