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New York City 2022 by Max Titus

New York City, 2022
Max Titus
On display in the Kitzmiller Fiction Room through July

Artist Statement and Bio

Art and drawing have been a significant part of my life from an early age. As a kid, I would draw my favorite comic book characters, characters from books I was reading, or scenes from movies I saw. I’ve spent periods obsessed with getting the details of a realistic portrait or landscape scene just right, and in other times I’ve leaned heavily into abstraction.

In parallel, my obsession with comics started as a young queer kid in Macon, Georgia. I begged my mother to buy me any comic I could get from the media aisle at Kroger (local supermarket). As a kid, my favorite characters to draw from comics were Superman and Supergirl, Batman, Garfield and Odie, Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

In February of 2021, after a year of staying in my house, I decided to buy a drawing tablet and start an Instagram account with the goal of teaching myself to draw digitally and build community with other queer and trans artists. I started drawing whatever I wanted, which turned out to be portraits of queer and trans folks, comics, and things that I enjoy or inspire me. Now, I use comics and illustrated narratives to tell stories and express myself and feelings in a way that makes sense to me.

In July of 2022, my spouse and I went to New York City while our kids were at sleepaway camp. The trip was slow paced. We took the train and planned it around touring the libraries and ordering a lot of take out. When we returned home, I found myself reflecting on the trip with some complex feelings. So, I decided to turn my travel journal and self-reflection into a graphic travelogue.

Max Titus is a queer and trans artist living in Waterbury Center, Vermont. They draw and make comics as much as possible between work, family, and reading every graphic novel they can find. Feel free to contact them at [email protected] or check them out on Instagram @genderqueericle.


Kids Create Art Show
On display in the Children’s Library through July

View creative artwork made by kids at the art tables in the Children’s Library!


T.W. Wood Satellite Exhibit
Mary Admasian: Scraps With Nature
On display in the main staircase

After the Henhouse Visit by Mary AdmasianThe TW Wood Gallery is pleased to present Scraps With Nature featuring the works of Mary Admasian. Scraps With Nature is a collection of constructed paintings, sculptures and assemblages, mostly made from reclaimed wood, layered plywood, barbed wire, rusted metal, bandsaw blades, gold wire, stones, gems, glass beads, acrylic paint, and graphite.

Admasian lives in E. Montpelier Vermont and is a native of Detroit, Michigan. She is an established multidisciplinary artist, curator, and marketing consultant for arts organizations and socially responsible businesses. Her works have been exhibited nationally and in the collections of colleges, institutions, and prominent art collectors.

“I encourage the viewer to arrive at a place where they create their own interpretation of what is before them.” –Mary Admasian

View the full exhibit at the T.W. Wood Nuquist Gallery.