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Here are the new additions to the Adult collection in March 2024.


155.3 L Attraction, love, sex : the inside story LeVay, Simon
155.3 N Come together : the science (and art!) of creating lasting sexual connections Nagoski, Emily
177.62 C The other significant others : reimagining life with friendship at the center Cohen, Rhaina
305.8 O Be a revolution : how everyday people are fighting oppression and changing the world–and how you can, too Oluo, Ijeoma
306 C Filterworld : how algorithms flattened culture Chayka, Kyle
306.768 B Written on the body : letters from trans and non-binary survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence Bean, Lexie
307.76 H Disillusioned : five families and the unraveling of America’s suburbs Herold, Benjamin
323.09 R Medgar & Myrlie : Medgar Evers and the love story that awakened America Reid, Joy-Ann Lomena
338.1 H A bold return to giving a damn : one farm, six generations, and the future of food Harris, Will
338.9 R Not the end of the world : how we can be the first generation to build a sustainable planet Ritchie, Hannah
362.29 R When crack was king : a people’s history of a misunderstood era Ramsey, Donovan X.
364.5 D Beyond survival : strategies and stories from the transformative justice movement Dixon, Ejeris,
364.5 D Beyond survival : strategies and stories from the transformative justice movement Dixon, Ejeris
520 J Things that go bump in the universe : how astronomers decode cosmic chaos James, C. Rene
523.1 M The Milky Way : an autobiography of our galaxy McTier, Moiya
573.8 L Wildscape : trilling chipmunks, beckoning blooms, salty butterflies, and other sensory wonders of nature Lawson, Nancy
577.3 W The power of trees : how ancient forests can save us if we let them Wohlleben, Peter
577.5 L The humane gardener : nurturing a backyard habitat for wildlife Lawson, Nancy
591.5 B The sounds of life : how digital technology is bringing us closer to the worlds of animals and plants Bakker, Karen J.
599.64 D Blood memory : the tragic decline and improbable resurrection of the American Buffalo Duncan, Dayton
610.9 B Legacy : a Black physician reckons with racsim in medicine Blackstock, Uche
610.95 M The culinary pharmacy :|bintuitive eating, ancestral healing, and your personal nutrition plan Mase, Lisa.
612.66 G Blood : the science, medicine, and mythology of menstruation Gunter, Jen
616.7 B Healing arthritis : your 3-step guide to conquering arthritis naturally Blum, Susan S.
616.7 P Mayo Clinic guide to arthritis : managing joint pain for an active life Peterson, Lynne S.
616.7 W The lupus book : a guide for patients and their families Wallace, Daniel J.
616.8 P Unmasking autism : discovering the new faces of neurodiversity Price, Devon
639.9 K Wilder : how rewilding is transforming conservation and changing the world Kerr, Millie
641.5 S What’s cooking in the Kremlin : from Rasputin to Putin, how Russia built an empire with a knife and fork Szab¿owski, Witold
701.03 B Get the picture : a mind-bending journey among the inspired artists and obsessive art fiends who taught me how to see Bosker, Bianca
792.72 G Glitter and concrete : a cultural history of drag in New York City Goodman, Elyssa Maxx
796.5 S I probably should’ve brought a tent : misadventures of an Outward Bound instructor Shonstrom, Erik
808.84 L Snapshots of a Life Libertoff, Ken.
811.54 L The last shift :
863.6 R Pedro Paramo Rulfo, Juan.
914.6 F Fodor’s 2024 essential Spain Askham, Gemma
932 O Empress of the Nile : the daredevil archaeologist who saved Egypt’s ancient temples from destruction Olson, Lynne
973.04 A Latinoland : a portrait of America’s largest and least understood minority Arana, Marie



741.5 C I must be dreaming Chast, Roz
741.5 W The mysteries Watterson, Bill



CD 811.54 B The poetry of jazz Boone, Benjamin
CD M GALBRAITH The running grave Galbraith, Robert



DVD COMEDY SIS Sister act [DVD videorecording] Schwartz, Teri.
DVD COMEDY SIS Sister act ; Sister act 2, back in the habit Schwartz, Teri.
DVD TV SERIES DOC Doc Martin. Series 9 Minghella, Dominic



BIO ARNOLD God save Benedict Arnold : the true story of America’s most hated man Kelly, Jack
BIO COPPOLA The path to paradise : a Francis Ford Coppola story Wasson, Sam
BIO DIETRICH You are my sunshine : a story of love, promises, and a really long bike ride Dietrich, Sean
BIO FITZGERALD Becoming Ella Fitzgerald : the jazz singer who transformed American song Tick, Judith
BIO GUTIERREZ My side of the river : a memoir Gutierrez, Elizabeth Camarillo
BIO HENDERSON Troubled : a memoir of foster care, family, and social class Henderson, Rob Kim
BIO HERZOG Every man for himself and God against all : a memoir Herzog, Werner
BIO IDUMA I am still with you : a reckoning with silence, inheritance, and history Iduma, Emmanuel
BIO KARIKO Breaking through : my life in science Kariko, Katalin
BIO TRUSS Out of the blue :   the inside story of the unexpected rise and rapid fall of Liz Truss. Cole, Harry B



F AKBAR Martyr! Akbar, Kaveh
F AUSTER Baumgartner : a novel Auster, Paul
F BAKER The hidden life of Cecily Larson : a novel Baker, Ellen
F BERTINO Beautyland Bertino, Marie-Helene
F BLAKE Delilah Green doesn’t care Blake, Ashley Herring
F BROWN The book of doors : a novel Brown, Gareth,
F BURKE Harbor lights : stories Burke, James Lee
F CERVANTES The ingenious hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de
F DUNMORE A league of extraordinary women : A rogue of one’s own Dunmore, Evie
F DUNMORE A league of extraordinary women : The gentleman’s gambit Dunmore, Evie
F DUNMORE A league of extraordinary women : Bringing down the duke Dunmore, Evie
F FINN End of story Finn, A. J.
F GOODWIN Diva Goodwin, Daisy
F HANNAH The women Hannah, Kristin,
F HANNAH The women Hannah, Kristin,
F HAYES The year of the locust : a thriller Hayes, Terry
F HAZELL Piglet : a novel Hazell, Lottie
F HOLLANDER Everyone who can forgive me is dead Hollander, Jenny
F HUMMEL Goldenseal : a novel Hummel, Maria
F HURWITZ Lone wolf Hurwitz, Gregg
F KAPELKE-DALE The fortune seller : a novel Kapelke-Dale, Rachel,
F KASHIWAI The Kamogawa food detectives Kashiwai, Hisashi
F KERANGAL Eastbound Kerangal, Maylis de
F KORN Yours for the taking : a novel Korn, Gabrielle
F LYNCH Beyond the sea Lynch, Paul
F MACLEAN Knockout MacLean, Sarah
F MACLEAN Heartbreaker MacLean, Sarah
F MAROO Western lane Maroo, Chetna
F MCFADDEN The teacher McFadden, Freida
F MCGHEE Jonathan Abernathy you are kind : a novel McGhee, Molly
F O’NEAL The starfish sisters : a novel O’Neal, Barbara
F ORANGE Wandering stars Orange, Tommy,
F PEASE Northwoods : a novel Pease, Amy
F PEREZ The things we didn’t know Perez, Elba Iris
F PETRIE The price you pay Petrie, Nicholas
F QUINDLEN After Annie Quindlen, Anna,
F QUINN The Phoenix crown : a novel Quinn, Kate,
F REID Come and get it : a novel Reid, Kiley
F REID Come and get it : a novel Reid, Kiley,
F RICE Moon of the turning leaves : a novel Rice, Waubgeshig,
F RUFFIN The American daughters : a novel Ruffin, Maurice Carlos
F SMITH White teeth : a novel Smith, Zadie.
F WILLIAMS A love song for Ricki Wilde : a novel Williams, Tia,



M BEATON Death of a spy Beaton, M. C.,
M BOX Three-inch teeth Box, C. J.,
M BROWN A killer in the wings : a 1920s mysery Brown, Benedict
M KING The lantern’s dance : a novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes King, Laurie R.
M MCKINLAY Fatal first edition McKinlay, Jenn
M MICHAELIDES The fury Michaelides, Alex
M PERRY Hero Perry, Thomas
M SIMON Mother-daughter murder night : a novel Simon, Nina
OLIVER Neighbors and other stories Oliver, Diane
SF ARDEN The warm hands of ghosts Arden, Katherine,
SF BENNETT The tainted cup Bennett, Robert Jackson
SF FAWCETT Emily Wilde’s map of the Otherlands : a novel Fawcett, Heather
SF HAZELWOOD Bride Hazelwood, Ali
SF KING The curator : a novel King, Owen
SF MARSKE A restless truth Marske, Freya




LARGE PRINT 302 B How to know a person the art of seeing others deeply and being deeply seen Brooks, David
LARGE PRINT F LAWHON The frozen river : a novel Lawhon, Ariel
LARGE PRINT F MCDERMOTT Absolution McDermott, Alice
LARGE PRINT M BOX Three-inch teeth Box, C. J.,
LARGE PRINT M SUTANO Vera Wong’s unsolicited advice for murderers Sutanto, Jesse Q.



VERMONT 641.5 O O.E.S Cook Book Henson, Hope