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Here are the new additions to the Adult collection in February 2024.


133.43 G Witchcraft : a history in thirteen trials Gibson, Marion
153.8 M Moonshot : a NASA astronaut’s guide to achieving the impossible Massimino, Mike
158.1 S Be useful : seven tools for life Schwarzenegger, Arnold,
211.8 C We of little faith:  why I stopped pretending to believe (and maybe you should too) Cohen, Kate
270.83 A The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory : American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism Alberta, Tim,
303.48 G Rome and Persia : the seven hundred year rivalry Goldsworthy, Adrian Keith,
305.52 L Going infinite : the rise and fall of a new tycoon Lewis, Michael
305.8 W Seeing red : Indigenous land, American expansion, and the political economy of plunder in North America Witgen, Michael John
324.27 J Where have all the Democrats gone? : the soul of the party in the age of extremes Judis, John B.
343.73 D Stand Up to the IRS Daily, Frederick W./ Fishman, Stephen
352.7 P Recoding America : why government is failing in the digital age and how we can do better Pahlka, Jennifer
355 M Invisible generals : rediscovering family legacy, and a quest to honor America’s first Black generals Melville, Doug
362.87 B The great displacement : climate change and the next American migration Bittle, Jake
577.27 G Crossings : how road ecology is shaping the future of our planet Goldfarb, Ben
641.5951 D Invitation to a banquet : the story of Chinese food Dunlop, Fuchsia
641.596 T Simply West African : easy, joyful recipes for every kitchen Thiam, Pierre
641.815 S The cookie that changed my life : and more than 100 other classic cakes, cookies, muffins, and pies that will change yours Silverton, Nancy
782.42 T Goth : a history Tolhurst, Laurence
790.02 D Around the world in eighty games : from tarot to tic-tac-toe, catan to snakes and ladders, a mathematician unlocks the secrets of the world’s greatest games Du Sautoy, Marcus
811.6 B Days like these:  an alternative guide to the year in 366 poems Bilston, Brian
811.6 S From unincorporated territory [©Æmot] Santos Perez, Craig
811.6 S Above ground : poems Smith, Clint
812.6 T English Toossi, Sanaz
814.6 S Thin skin : essays Shapland, Jenn
818.54 W Zero at the bone : fifty entries against despair Wiman, Christian
947.70 T Our enemies will vanish : the Russian invasion and Ukraine’s war of independence Trofimov, Yaroslav,
956.05 T A day in the life of Abed Salama : anatomy of a Jerusalem tragedy Thrall, Nathan
973.93 G American shield : the immigrant sergeant who defended democracy Gonell, Aquilino,



741.5 B The talk Bell, Darrin



CD Bio. STEWART Making it so : a memoir Stewart, Patrick
CD F CLINE The guest : a novel Cline, Emma
CD F RUM Evil eye : a novel Rum, Etaf



DVD COMEDY WEI Weird : the Al Yankovic story
DVD DRAMA CER Certain women
DVD DRAMA DON Don’t worry darling
DVD TV SERIES NOR The North water
DVD TV SERIES STA Star Trek. Picard The Complete Series
DVD TV Series TAK The take



BIO CHENEY Oath and honor : a memoir and a warning Cheney, Liz
BIO FOX Down the drain Fox, Julia
BIO LEON Wandering through life : a memoir Leon, Donna,
BIO PERRY Friends, lovers, and the big terrible thing : a memoir Perry, Matthew
BIO SPOTSWOOD My effin’ life Lee, Geddy



F AXELSSON Aednan : an epic Axelsson, Linnea
F BERNSTEIN Study for obedience Bernstein, Sarah
F BUMP The new naturals : a novel Bump, Gabriel,
F CARR The friendship club Carr, Robyn,
F COLE Tremor : a novel Cole, Teju
F COLGAN Midnight at the Christmas bookshop : a novel Colgan, Jenny
F ENRIGHT The wren, the wren : a novel Enright, Anne
F ESCOFFERY If I survive you Escoffery, Jonathan
F EVERETT Erasure : a novel Everett, Percival,
F FOSSE Septology Fosse, Jon,
F GARDEL The words that remain : a novel Gardel, Stenio
F LABATUT The maniac Labatut, Benjamin
F LIEBRECHT The bridesman Liebrecht, Savyon
F MACLEAN Bombshell MacLean, Sarah
F MURPHY Speech team : a novel Murphy, Timothy
F NDIAYE Vengeance is mine NDiaye, Marie
F REBELEIN Edenville : a novel Rebelein, Sam,
F SEBASTIAN We could be so good : a novel Sebastian, Cat
F VARA The immortal King Rao : a novel Vara, Vauhini
F WATKINS Holler, child : stories Watkins, LaToya
F YARDLEY Role playing Yardley, Cathy
F YI Y/N : a novel Yi, Esther
F ZHANG Land of milk and honey Zhang, C Pam



M ADAMS The last word : a novel Adams, Taylor
M ARCENEAUX Glory be Arceneaux, Danielle
M BLACK Twilight Falls Black, Juneau
M GUARE Star of the East Guare, Kathryn
M HALLETT The mysterious case of the Alperton Angels : a novel Hallett, Janice,
M HALLETT The Christmas appeal : a novella Hallett, Janice
M HAYS The Cloisters : a novel Hays, Katy
M HILLERMAN The dark wind : a Leaphorn and Chee novel Hillerman, Tony
M KRUEGER The devil’s bed Krueger, William Kent
M MAY A winter grave May, Peter
M MINA The second murderer : a Philip Marlowe novel Mina, Denise,
M ROBINSON Gallows view : the first inspector Banks novel Robinson, Peter
M SPOTSWOOD Murder crossed her mind Spotswood, Stephen
M STEVENSON Everyone on this train is a suspect : a novel Stevenson, Benjamin,



SF BLACHE Prophet : a novel BlachU, Sin,
SF BLAKE The Atlas complex Blake, Olivie,
SF JAMES Bright ruin James, Vic,
SF MARSKE A power unbound Marske, Freya
SF YARROS Iron flame Yarros, Rebecca



LARGE PRINT F MASON North woods [large print] : a novel Mason, Daniel
LARGE PRINT F SANDFORD Judgment prey [text (large print)] Sandford, John
LARGE PRINT M CHILD The secret [large print] Child, Lee